Good bye 2017!

Published: Dec 31, 2017

The biggest project

Boris. He was born on April 16th. When I took him on my hands for the first time - this is definitely the best moment in my life so far. Now he is 8 months old and he is really pain in the ass :) He crawls everywhere and he tries to crew everything, like a small devil, but in the same time he is very cute and nice. I’m a bit afraid that his favorite toys are the glass and my keyboard/mouse/game-pad, a computer nerd is growing already. We are waiting when he starts talking.. To be continued!


Our life has changed greatly this year, just because of Boris. We needed to accommodate our usual schedule and activities for the new family-member. Everything is completely different as before.

We moved to new apartment in Hagelloch, it is a small town/village near to Tübingen, This place is so cute and quite: there are no big roads with trucks, the traffic is near to zero cars per hour, near to us there is a forest (Naturpark-Schönbuch) with wild animals. Also because this is officially a part of Tübingen, we didn’t need to change our registration and there are over benefits like it uses the same public transportation and the same bureaucracy. Our new apartment are incredibly big, for now this is the biggest space where I lived so far. It is the countryside of the town, so the rent is not expensive, so it was the great deal for us. For new apartment we are still buying furniture, big and small things to make it more comfortable and cozy. But we can’t do it instantly, that’s the problem.

I didn’t made driver license, it’d take a lot of time and money actually (about 2k euro). Also we don’t need a car really badly now, maybe just to go to shopping. All car expenses (tax, gasoline, parking etc) would be like 200-300 euro per month, plus eventually it needs repairs.. And a month-pass for buses costs 50 euro. So.. Public transportation ftw.

On the other hand we use extensively deliveries now. For example we have beer/drinks delivery, which brings several crates every 2 weeks and takes back empty bottles. And it is cheaper than in supermarkets, really good deal. Also the most of housekeeping things are bought in the internet. So we need to buy in the shop only fresh food to cook. It is so easy nowadays.

Some small achievements: we made a subscription to regional newspaper Schwäbisches Tagblatt. I know that online news are better source of information, but it is not easy to find news about your local neighborhood in the internet. Moreover it is kinda cool to read a newspaper during my dinner. In this year we made tons of bureaucracy papers/documents. Also many papers for Boris, like his passport and insurances. It wasn’t very complicated, but very stressful and slow.


There wasn’t many trips for me this year, I was in Bonn, Rzeszów (Poland) and traditionally in The Netherlands. But this year we were the host for our parents: everyone wants to see our son. For our parents it was the first visit to Europe and it was really delight (I hope so). Next year, when Boris starts walking and he’d be more able to transportation, we will definitely make some trip on vacations.



I’m not a big fan of long-reads, but I’m getting more into it, now trying to fit reading our current time-schedule.


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