Good bye 2016!

Published: Dec 29, 2016

Third language

Jetzt kann ich deutsch sprechen (now I can speak German). Starting from September 2015 and till December 2016 I did courses from A1.1 to C1.2, including Telc B1 and Telc B2 tests. It was an intensive course in the private language school, I spend much time and money for that, but it was definitely worth it. At the beginning of these courses my level was near to zero - I knew a couple of phrases and a few basic things. Now I start my day with reading news on German, I can speak with random people on the street on German, I don’t have problems with writing emails etc. Well I still make mistakes, mostly the most stupid mistakes, and I need a dictionary sometimes, but it will come :)


There were not so many trips in this year, but I was in Russia, in Italy and in the Netherlands. I have to change it in the next year ;)




New E-mail again. I think it is more close to the final solution now.


I’ll be a father soon (in April 2017). Everything goes well with the baby, my wife feels good, no problems. There are so many thing to do because of that: we need new apartment, finally make a driving license, buy all baby stuff etc etc etc.

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