boost.python and mingw64

Published: Oct 13, 2013


In short:

python does not define MS_WIN64 for gcc, it defines the one only for visual studio. (see python27/include/pyconfig.h:142). solution - you have to build boost.python and your modules with -DMS_WIN64 option.

In long way (store all commands just for reference):

note: I use GOW package, it contains some useful ported from linux programs like cp, mv, etc.

make sure mingw64/bin and python27/bin is in PATH variable

create static python library (if needed):

gendef.exe python27.dll
dlltool.exe --dllname python27.dll --def python27.def --output-lib libpython27.a
mv libpython27.a d:\devtools\python27\libs\

build boost.python:

b2 toolset=gcc address-model=64 variants=debug,release link=static,shared threading=multi define=MS_WIN64 --with-python stage

useful flags for debugging (same for bjam):

b2 -a -q --debug-configuration
b2 -d+2

build test embedding module

cd libs\python\examples\quickstart
..\..\..\..\bjam.exe toolset=gcc address-model=64 define=MS_WIN64 --verbose-test test

build sample library:

g++ -I"d:/devtools/boost_1_54_0/" -I"d:/devtools/python27/include/" -DMS_WIN64 -c wrap.cpp
g++ -shared -o example.pyd wrap.o -L"d:/devtools/boost_1_54_0/stage/lib" -L"d:/devtools/python27/libs" -lboost_python-mgw48-mt-1_54 -lpython27
cp d:/devtools/boost_1_54_0/stage/lib/libboost_python-mgw48-mt-1_54.dll .
>>>    from example import *

note for static libs use -DBOOST_PYTHON_STATIC_LIB

useful articles:

examples (in russian):

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